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BMW K 1600 Grand América
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The BMW K 1600 Grand America, BMW's flagship, offers maximum comfort without sacrificing power and performance typical of the brand. The result is a grand tourer with a touch of true sport motorcycle, thanks to its 160 hp and ability to lean, unprecedented in this type of motorcycle. Still, BMW offers two versions of the same bike, the GT, more sport and higher and the GTL lower and more comfortable.
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ALTERNATIVES MODELS, (Click to see them)
The BMW K 1600 GTL has a clear alternative in the Honda Goldwing. In the case of the GT for alternatives, we have to look at lighter motorcycles:

Honda Goldwing BMW R 1200 RTLC
Triumph Trophy  

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In España en Moto we take special care when we advise our clients to help them choose the most appropriate motorcycle to their particular characteristics. Therefore we have completed a thorough ergonomic study that analyzes the posture of the rider both stationary and in motion. For this we have created seven characters of different colors, for seven different heights. Take a look at the picture of the 7 characters to see which one is closer to your own, and you can see:

1. What will be your posture while riding the motorcycle, analyzing:
a.- Angle of inclination of the back, the lower, the better.
b.- Hip torsion angle, better if higher.
c.- Bending knees angle, better if higher.

2. How will you reach the floor while stopped, including the angle of inclination of the foot if you can't place the whole foot on the floor. If the character of your stature does not appear it may be because it is too low to reach the ground, or, on the contrary, is higher than the character that already supports the whole foot. In general, we believe that an angle greater than 20°, (red), is excessive so we advise against these models, an angle between 10 ° and 20 °, (orange), may be acceptable for an experienced rider and an angle less than 10 ° is generally acceptable.

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