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Plenty of Beaches, but even more mountains                                                                                                      up

Beaches and mountains

With nearly 5,000 km of coastline, Spain is one of the European countries with the most beaches. But more than the quantity, the important thing is the quality. Nearly 600 beaches throughout Spain wave the blue flag of the European Union, which certifies the quality of a beach.

Mapa espana playas


Mapa fisico de España

Furthermore, in Spain mountains are even more prevalent than beaches. You can find mountains virtually in all Spanish regions, and you can cross them riding on excellent roads that help make your travel a great experience.

Millennial History and Culture                                                                                                                                  up

Historia milenaria

Spain, due to its location, its fertile land and its dense forests was a coveted piece by all the empires of antiquity. Almost all European cultures have settled in our country, at the peak of their splendor, during a span of time lasting more than 30 centuries. As a result, very distinct peoples: Celts, Phoenicians, Iberians, Greeks, Tartars, Carthaginians, Romans, Goths and Arabs, developed and evolved their diverse cultures in what is now Spain, leaving with us parts of their customs and impressive monuments.

The Reconquest ("Reconquista") was never a proper war, but rather a slow process lasting 8 centuries, in which, except for some sporadic skirmishes and additional invasions of the North, Muslims and Jews were converted to Christianity or displaced to the South.

The Reconquest formally ended in 1492 with the capture of Granada. That same year Spain discovered America, and began the age of discovery and conquest that was to create the first maritime empire and largest western empire in the history of mankind. The fact that for several centuries Spain was the largest empire in the world has also left a legacy of culture and monuments in the country.

In the list of World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2011, Spain is second, after Italy, with 52 sites, of which 37 are cultural, 3 are natural, 2 are mixed and 10 are immaterial. And this is most relevant because wherever you go in Spain you can find some relic of the past that will surprise you.

Amazing Celebrations and Festivities                                                                                                                     up

This cultural variety, along with a warm climate that invites to be outdoors and the natural predisposition of the Spanish people to have fun, make Spain a country where traditional festivities are just absolutely amazing.

The adrenaline of the famous Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona (San Fermín), where the youth run ahead of real bulls to lead them to the central square; the spirituality and joy of the pilgrimage of El Rocío, in Huelva, near Seville; the infatuation with Fire and gunpowder of the Fallas in Valencia; or the absurdity of a whole village engaging in a war where the only weapon are ripe tomatoes are, just some of the most visible examples of the passion for life that runs deep in the Spanish culture. But the list goes on and on, there are hundreds of popular celebrations in Spain, some more religious, some more mundane, some more solemn, others more informal, but all fantastic. 

They say that to start a party you only need two Spaniards, but if three meet then the party is inevitable. It is probably an exaggeration, but it is clear that we are a country of people who like to have fun, and we like to share this fun with all who visit us.

Fiesta Semana Santa Fiesta Fiesta Moros - Cristianos

Magnificent Hotels                                                                                                                                                      up

Hoteles España Spain is the second European country, after France, with the largest number of tourist visitors year after year. This has helped develop a highly sophisticated hotel industry in Spain.
Our company works with the most prestigious hotel chains in Spain and we can find the best lodging to fit your budget needs.
Spain also has a unique feature that differentiates it from other countries. Many historic buildings, castles, palaces, monasteries, convents, etc., have been converted to reasonably priced hotels. Can you imagine being able to sleep with all the comforts of the XXIst century in a Benedictine Monastery from the VIIth century, or in a VIIIth century Arab fortress, or in a convent of the XVIth century or in a XVIIth century palace? In Spain you can.

Hoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles EspañaHoteles España

Fascinating and diverse Natural landscapes                                                                                                           up


Although it is not a large country, about 500,000 square kilometers, Spain has a huge variety of landscapes ranging from the desert of Almeria to the Alpine landscapes of the Pyrenees or the Peaks of Europe, and from the pastures of Asturias to the varied Mediterranean forests. And all accompanied by picturesque villages that further enhance the landscape.

Basically we can distinguish 5 zones, which correspond to our self-guided tours:

Mapa 5 Zonas

The South, Andalusia, where the sun is prevalent, but surprisingly green; the Center, with its open landscapes, and cultural elements; the East, the Mediterranean coast, with its wonderful sea and its magnificent beaches; The North, rainy, except in the Summer, always green; and the Pyrenees, the highest mountain range in Spain, but not the only mountainous zone.

Many U.S. customers tell us: "Spain has all the sights of the U.S. in the size of a state." .. and we reply: "Unfortunately, we lack Alaska."

Fantastic Roads                                                                                                                                                           up

Fantastic Roads In the past 20 years the quality of Spanish roads has improved considerably, to the point of being among the best road networks in Europe.

The best thing about the Spanish roads is that they often traverse mountains, as Spain's average elevation is 650 m above sea level, second only to Switzerland in Europe.

Another very important factor is that in Spain the number of motorcycles is the largest in Europe. This has helped make the roads very motorcycle-friendly, with generally well designed curves, motorcycle association sponsored guardrail protections, and asphalt typically maintained in excellent condition.
All this, together with the fact that the rest of the drivers are very used to seeing bikers around, and therefore respectful to them, make Spain a safe country to ride a motorcycle.
 Salida Concentracion MoteraGuardarrailesMoteros Saludando

The Best Weather in Europe                                                                                                                                      up

Clima en España One of Spain's strong points is its excellent climate. The following charts show average temperatures during all four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, at the middle of the day.

Temperatures in Spain WinterTemperatures in Spain Spring

Temperatures in Spain SummerTemperatures in Spain Autumn

When traveling by motorcycle, more than the temperature the concern is the rain, and Spain is also a leader in Europe in this matter. The following graph compares rainfall during the Summer across Europe; it is clear which is the best place to ride. We will also include the number of rain days in each season of he year.
  Precipitations EuropePrecipitations Spain Winter Precipitations Spain SpringPrecipitations Spain SummerPrecipitations Spain Autumn

The Best Gastronomy in the World                                                                                                                           up

The best gastronomy in the World Another of the strong points of Spain is its cuisine. High above the anecdotal fact that three of the top ten restaurants in the world are located in Spain, which does not happen in any other country in the world, it is worth noting that in Spain you can eat well at a very affordable price.

Azorin, one of our most notable writers once said that in Spain, the South fries, the Center roasts, and the North cooks. This sentence, perhaps a little exaggerated, describes the huge variety of cuisine throughout the country.

Spain Vine Map

Each region has its specialty, but almost all can be found throughout the country. We could highlight the Galician seafood; the Cantabrian fish, meat and stews; the Levantine rice dishes like paella, the Castilian roasts, lamb, pork and goat; the Andalusian gazpacho and fried fish; the excellent Catalonian vegetable dishes and snails; and the excellent Basque cuisine, where eating well is basically a "duty" for all walks of life.
And since a good meal is not complete without a good wine, in Spain you can also enjoy excellent wines. There are dozens of denominations of origin, of all types and varieties, and with a fantastic quality/price ratio.

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